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Things You Need to Know

A bathing suit (come dressed in one or change here), towel, sunscreen (spray sunscreen not allowed), and money.

No. We do not charge for parking.
No. Tubes are provided free of charge.

No. Waterville provides Coast Guard approved life jackets for your use at the park free of charge.

Not necessarily. You will need extra money if you want to do one of the following: use our storage rental, buy a souvenir or item in the gift shop, purchase food at one of our concession stands, or play video games in the arcade.

No. We do not allow you to bring your own food or drinks (even water) into the park. You can leave the park and return the same day as long as you leave your wristband on until you are through for the day.  We do make an exception to this policy for infant bottles and baby food. Baby items cannot be in a glass container.  If you have a medical condition that requires you to have special food/drink please bring these items upstairs to the waterpark office for storing before entering the park. All bags will be searched upon entering the park.

Yes.  We have several concession areas in the waterpark and one area in the amusement park.  We serve a variety of items in the waterpark some of which include:  hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken fingers, pizza, nachos, fries, chips, ice cream and drinks.  The amusement park offers a limited menu:  hotdogs, pizza, nachos, chips, popcorn, candy, and drinks.  The gift shop sells bottled drinks, ice cream, and candy.

Yes.  We have a storage rental area located just inside the main waterpark entrance.  You may rent a bag or basket to store your personal items in while you play.  We encourage you to use the storage rental or lock your valuables in your car.  A bag is $5 or a basket is $6 for the day.

Saturdays are by far the busiest day of the week.  Mondays are the slowest.

Yes.  All guests entering the waterpark must purchase an admission ticket.  There is no admission fee to the amusement park.

No. For your safety we do not allow anyone with a cast to ride the water slides or Flowrider. You cannot ride even if your personal doctor said it was ok.

Yes.  There are many Funbrellas (20 foot wide umbrellas) throughout the waterpark for shade.  We also have cabanas for rent. In the waterpark, the gift shop and storage rental are air conditioned if you need a brief break from the heat.  The arcade is air conditioned in the amusement park.

Yes.  The waterpark has a gift shop for you to pick up your Waterville souvenir to help remember what a great time you had at the park.  The gift shop also sells sunscreen, beach towels, bathing suits, shoes, sunglasses, cameras, cold drinks with no line, and much more.  Limited items are available in the arcade at the amusement park.

We accept personal checks from Baldwin county, the city of Mobile, and the city of Pensacola.  The local address must be pre-printed on the check.  You must show your driver’s license in order to write a check.

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.  You must have a picture ID to use your credit card at Waterville.  The ID must match the name on the card.

Yes, we have changing rooms in the restrooms located closest to the waterpark entrance.  The main waterpark restroom does have a shower as well.

Yes, kids of all ages enjoy both the waterpark and amusement park.  In the waterpark we have Wa Wa World which includes a pirate ship, duck slide, pelican slide, and frog slide.  Only kids under 42” tall can play in this area so bigger kids won’t be running over the smaller kids.  We also have Shrimp Boat Village which has water cannons, climbing nets, and smaller slides.  Kids of all ages can enjoy the wavepool and lazy river with their parents.  In the amusement park we have the Fun Depot which includes a carousel, mini-train, Hampton car ride, and trampoline.

Yes. You can leave the waterpark or amusement park and re-enter the same day with no additional fee.  You will receive a wristband when you purchase a waterpark admission.  Leave this wristband on until you are through for the day.  Once you remove your wristband you cannot re-enter.

Yes, if you want to come into the waterpark you must have an admission ticket.  There is no admission fee to the amusement park if you want to wait for your group there.

Yes, everyone entering the waterpark has to have an admission ticket.  There is no admission fee to the amusement park.

No, we only sell group admission tickets at the group sales window.  All other tickets must be purchased individually at the main ticket booth.

You must make a group reservation no later than 4pm the day prior to your group’s arrival to receive group rate.  Walk up groups will not receive a group rate.

No, if you have a group reservation and are buying group tickets you must make one group payment for all of your tickets.

Yes, we allow sunscreen in the park.  We do not allow spray sunscreen in the waterpark.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1017
Gulf Shores, AL 36547
[Physical] Shipping Address:
906 Gulf Shores Pkwy.
Gulf Shores, AL 36542
Phone: 251-948-2106
Fax: 251-948-7918

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